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1 Opening Of Our School For Another Year fra Ivica Perić
2 A Dream Come True Miroslava Klarić
3 My Education At Padri Vjeko Centre Xavier Dusengumuremyi
4 Out of Sorrow comes Happiness Valerie Kae Ken
5 The school is finally completed, but this is not the end – We hoping to start the construction of a sports arena! Administrator
6 Need of Fruitful Professional Workshops Jean Marie Vianney Twizeyimana
7 My Journey into the Unknown Bernarda Brko
8 ICT in Padri Vjeko Centre Senga Muhirwa
9 Another Workshop! Valerie Kae Ken
10 Our Teachers can also learn! Valerie Kae Ken
11 Projects in 2015 fra Ivica Perić
12 How many times, you are born for me! fra Ivica Perić
13 Another successful school year is behind us! fra Ivica Perić
14 Thanks to your donations we feed as many as 567 hungry mouths! fra Ivica Perić
15 Even more possibilities Anđelka Fitz
16 Send on its way in a container Administrator
17 Come over here to see that people in Africa don’t walk around naked and do not live in trees! fra Ivica Perić
18 Education is definitely the best way fra Ivica Perić
19 Possibilities Anđelka Fitz
20 Shopping centre 'Bend down' Antun Tešić
21 Benoit’s Ordination Br. Célestin Ntaganira
22 Kivumu-Kivumu Dubravka Nezić
23 Marriage and family in African context fra Ivica Perić
24 My first Month in Rwanda Antun Tešić
25 New facilities for students: accommodation, kitchen, showers ... fra Ivica Perić
26 Dreams do come true Antun Tešić
27 Adolphe in Croatia Administrator
28 A Wonderful Day of Celebration! Valerie Kae Ken
29 The New School Year 2015 Begins! Doris Boroje
30 VTC Students Working in Uganda Mary Moran
31 Honouring father Vjeko Anđelka Fitz
32 Cow Giving Doris Boroje
33 In the rhythm of dance music Doris Boroje
34 We shook Kreševo in Bosnia Augustus Byaruhanga
35 Education is the light at the end of the tunnel for our youth fra Ivica Perić
36 AN APPEAL FOR ASSITANCE – Computers for our New School fra Ivica Perić
37 A Way Out of Poverty Valerie Kae Ken
38 A Tribute to Turkish Airlines fra Ivica Perić
39 If there is a problem with a machine, no worries, Mukwasibwe is here to help Dejan Anić
40 A Trip to Uganda Magdalena Mišković
41 The life of Jean Baptiste Mwizerwe is a tragedy. But with a happy ending! Dejan Anić
42 An incomplete list of Rwandan impressions Iva Burazin
43 Candy – you have to earn it Magdalena Mišković
44 A touch and a smile Magdalena Mišković
45 It was just a beginning Magdalena Mišković
46 A Year of Great Projects! fra Ivica Perić
47 Franziskaner Mission visiting Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
48 Minister General in Kivumu community Joy OFM
49 Quite a party! Ana Martinović
50 For me Africa is a smile Ana Martinović
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