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151 We Have Built a Biogas Plant in Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
152 INTERVIEW: Maja Sajler Garmaz Administrator
153 The Kivumu Secondary School – A Triumph of Good People’s Hearts! fra Ivica Perić
154 Lions and Giraffes in Akagera Žana Hrkać
155 My Second Week in Africa Žana Hrkać
156 My First Week in Africa Žana Hrkać
157 Nothing is Thrown Away! fra Ivica Perić
158 14th Anniversary of the Death of Friar Vjeko Ćurić fra Ivica Perić
159 Bosnian Provincial Visiting Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
160 A Record Number of Students in the New School Year fra Ivica Perić
161 My Third Trip to Father Vjeko Centre Jayne Carlielle
162 On Technology and Trade Shows Jonathan Karpetz
163 Victor & Monique fra Ivica Perić
164 The School Year is over – The Children Have Earned a Break fra Ivica Perić
165 Thank you, dear friends! fra Ivica Perić
166 Once again I am back in Africa! Valerie Kae Ken
167 What Do You Think? Claudine Uwimbabazi
168 Education Works Wonders! fra Ivica Perić
169 Saving a Great Deal with Biogas fra Ivica Perić
170 Fizzy Immunity fra Ivica Perić
171 We're Building Two New Classrooms for Our Children fra Ivica Perić
172 Our Students Are Participating in the Construction of a University Campus in Uganda fra Ivica Perić
173 Avoid the Kisoro Tourist Hotel! fra Ivica Perić
174 Build up a Metalworker and Welding section Monika König & Bernhard Liesemann
175 Curriculum Redevelopment Doug Shaw
176 Donation Delivered to Fra Ivica Perić Branko Jurić
177 Front Row Seat to History Doug Shaw
178 Into the New Trimester with Plenty of Novelty in the School fra Ivica Perić
179 Return to Rwanda (part 2) Doug Shaw
180 Electricity Finally Arrived in Kivumu! fra Ivica Perić
181 Return to Rwanda (part 1) Doug Shaw
182 We Built another Four Classrooms for the Primary School fra Ivica Perić
183 Nyungwe National Park Ksenija & Petar Zečević
184 Trip to Kigali and the Salesians Ksenija & Petar Zečević
185 About Food and Drinks in Rwanda Ksenija & Petar Zečević
186 The Rwandan Book of Ruth fra Ivica Perić
187 I Came Down from Heaven for Nothing Ksenija & Petar Zečević
188 The First Day Ksenija & Petar Zečević
189 Our Children Deserve a Secondary School fra Ivica Perić
190 School Day Celebration fra Ivica Perić
191 Part of the Tin Man Given to the Disabled fra Ivica Perić
192 Franziskaner Mission fra Ivica Perić
193 There’s a bit of good in every evil fra Ivica Perić
194 Always Something Done or Built fra Ivica Perić
195 Who are you arguing with? Sandra Čuturić Nuić
196 You Europeans don’t even know how to live Sandra Čuturić Nuić
197 My Canadian Growing-Up Jean-Paul Habanabakize
198 I try to bring you to your senses, and you drive me out of my senses! Sandra Čuturić Nuić
199 A Review of Projects in 2010 fra Ivica Perić
200 Report on a project to build secondary schools fra Ivica Perić
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