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51 Marriage and family in African context fra Ivica Perić
52 My first Month in Rwanda Antun Tešić
53 New facilities for students: accommodation, kitchen, showers ... fra Ivica Perić
54 Dreams do come true Antun Tešić
55 Adolphe in Croatia Administrator
56 A Wonderful Day of Celebration! Valerie Kae Ken
57 The New School Year 2015 Begins! Doris Boroje
58 VTC Students Working in Uganda Mary Moran
59 Honouring father Vjeko Anđelka Fitz
60 Cow Giving Doris Boroje
61 In the rhythm of dance music Doris Boroje
62 We shook Kreševo in Bosnia Augustus Byaruhanga
63 Education is the light at the end of the tunnel for our youth fra Ivica Perić
64 AN APPEAL FOR ASSITANCE – Computers for our New School fra Ivica Perić
65 A Way Out of Poverty Valerie Kae Ken
66 A Tribute to Turkish Airlines fra Ivica Perić
67 If there is a problem with a machine, no worries, Mukwasibwe is here to help Dejan Anić
68 A Trip to Uganda Magdalena Mišković
69 The life of Jean Baptiste Mwizerwe is a tragedy. But with a happy ending! Dejan Anić
70 An incomplete list of Rwandan impressions Iva Burazin
71 Candy – you have to earn it Magdalena Mišković
72 A touch and a smile Magdalena Mišković
73 It was just a beginning Magdalena Mišković
74 A Year of Great Projects! fra Ivica Perić
75 Franziskaner Mission visiting Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
76 Minister General in Kivumu community Joy OFM
77 Quite a party! Ana Martinović
78 For me Africa is a smile Ana Martinović
79 Progress report fra Ivica Perić
80 Our boys came back from their Ugandan practicum equipped with new skills and fuller hearts fra Ivica Perić
81 We have secured water for our new school – we dug another huge reservoir fra Ivica Perić
82 Arine fra Ivica Perić
83 We have introduced the newest learning methods in our school fra Ivica Perić
84 My Trip to Uganda Adolphe Iyakaremye
85 Education, education, and only education – there is no other way fra Ivica Perić
86 Do you know what African Red Bull is? fra Ivica Perić
87 The technical secondary school: A beacon of hope and optimism! fra Ivica Perić
88 The day we celebrate life in Kivumu Dejan Anić
89 A Village Soccer Game Filip Volarević
90 Experiences with people of Rwanda Maksimilijan Šimunić
91 The Magic of Kibuye Filip Volarević
92 People of Rwanda and their everyday life Maksimilijan Šimunić
93 With Students more numerous than ever, a new school year has begun fra Ivica Perić
94 We have done a lot - thanks to you! fra Ivica Perić
95 The End of the School Year 2013 fra Ivica Perić
96 Second Phase of the Secondary School Construction fra Ivica Perić
97 That’s how things are here... fra Ivica Perić
98 Left an easy life behind and went to help in Africa Ivana Domitrović
99 Practical work for carpenters, new desks and chairs for the primary schoolchildren! fra Ivica Perić
100 An Unusual Peace and Quiet in Our School fra Ivica Perić
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