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101 Projects in 2012 & 2013 fra Ivica Perić
102 Let's complete the construction of the school together! fra Ivica Perić
103 A Small Gift for Great People Nada Koturić
104 My Experience in the Padri Vjeko Center Immaculée Iyambaje
105 There is a kingdom in the world and in it friendship reigns Dejan Anić
106 Everything’s changed, but everything’s still the same Domagoj Skledar
107 I was enchanted by Kivumu... Dejan Anić
108 Akagera National Park Petra Lidia Ševeljević
109 When your eyes swell with tears because of the goodness and joy of people who surround you Katarina Baotić
110 Speech for the blessing of 'St. Francis School' fra Ivica Perić
111 Blessing of the First Phase of St. Francis Technical Secondary School Construction Maja i Željko Garmaz
112 Kivumu is like home to me Maja Sajler Garmaz
113 Presents for Exemplary Students fra Ivica Perić
114 A small wall is a great victory! fra Ivica Perić
115 School Partnership Uta Leymann
116 Tongue-Twisters and other Games – Teaching English in the College Uta Leymann
117 Nobody understands each other, but we have a nice chat nonetheless! Maja Sajler Garmaz & Petra Lidia Ševeljević
118 Volunteering in Padri Vjeko Center fra Ivica Perić
119 Armed with Smiles Katarina Baotić
120 School Uniform Redesign and a New Logo Branimir Mlakić
121 The Work Goes On – We Are Making Great Progress! fra Ivica Perić
122 On the Road Bojana Mutnović
123 15th Anniversary of fra Vjeko’s Death Fra Ivica K. Pavlović
124 Life among People who don’t Have Anything, but Nonetheless Have Everything Sebastijan Glasnović
125 Eagerness to Work Sebastijan Glasnović
126 First Day of School Branimir Mlakić
127 A Wedding to Remember Sebastijan Glasnović
128 Entrance Exams Branimir Mlakić
129 The first phase of construction of high school fra Ivica Perić
130 A Stitch in Time... Branimir Mlakić
131 My Message to Female Students of the Padri Vjeko VTC: Education is the Key! Francoise Mukamana
132 'Manual' Bulldozers and Excavators at Work Again Fra Ivica Perić
133 Rwanda without Prejudice Duje Stanišić
134 A Bosnian Tailor in Kivumu Branimir Mlakić
135 We’re All Back fra Ivica Perić
136 Into the Third Trimester with Few Students fra Ivica Perić
137 A Visit by Rwandan MPs fra Ivica Perić
138 You've brought back smiles to African kids’ faces! fra Ivica Perić
139 School to the Roof Branimir Mlakić
140 Rwandans visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina fra Ivica Perić
141 Even when under voltage Kivumu is – out of the current Maja Sajler Garmaz
142 We’re always glad to come back to Kivumu Maja Sajler Garmaz
143 Want to be a volunteer? Planning to save the world? Valerie Kae Ken
144 Secondary School fra Ivica Perić
145 School construction is proceeding at full speed fra Ivica Perić
146 Students' testimonies fra Ivica Perić
147 A Surveyor in Rwanda Žana Hrkač
148 The school is taking shape... fra Ivica Perić
149 We’re Going Back to Rwanda, That’s for Sure! Tomislav i Ksenija Pesek
150 The Construction of the Secondary School in Kivumu has begun! Administrator
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