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201 Beginning of the Second trimester fra Ivica Perić
202 The Tin Man Project Beverley Candy
203 What determines the date of Easter Edvard Skejić
204 Whistle while you Work! fra Ivica Perić
205 Temporary School Library is ready for users fra Ivica Perić
206 Assisting teachers in preparing curriculum Andre & Mireille Lapierre
207 Volunteers in Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
208 The Local Market - An Orderly Chaos Maja Sajler Garmaz
209 She’s more than 100 years old! Maja Sajler Garmaz
210 A Storm in Kivumu fra Ivica Perić
211 Egide – Once a Student, Now a Teacher in the same School Maja Sajler-Garmaz
212 Friar Vjeko and Saint Anthony fra Ivica Perić
213 What a future for Rwanda Cherie Plamping
214 “Man's“ Job - Women Teachers Maja Sajler Garmaz
215 The New School Year 2011 Maja Sajler Garmaz
216 Two Canadian Teachers provide training in Kivumu Cherie Plamping
217 From Croatia to East Africa Nikolina Radić Ančić
218 A Newspaper Article in My Home City of Gütersloh Gerd Hoecker
219 Container painting fra Ivica Perić
220 African “Nomen est omen” fra Ivica Perić
221 School Year 2010 is Over fra Ivica Perić
222 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 10) Antonela Perić
223 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 9) Antonela Perić
224 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 8) Antonela Perić
225 My trip to Rwanda (Part 7) Antonela Perić
226 Houses for Teachers Administrator
227 My trip to Rwanda (Part 6) Antonela Perić
228 Teaching English Again in Kivumu Jayne Carlielle
229 ACE in Canada Preparing English Programs for Kivumu Teachers Jayne Carlielle
230 My trip to Rwanda - Akagera (Part 5) Antonela Perić
231 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 4) Antonela Perić
232 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 3) Antonela Perić
233 We’ve Built Three More School Classrooms! fra Ivica Perić
234 The Start of the Third and Final Trimester fra Matija Kurevija
235 We named the bibliocontainter - "Tin Man"! fra Ivica Perić
236 My Trip to Rwanda (Part 2) Antonela Perić
237 A New Stove for our School! fra Ivica Perić
238 I'm going to Rwanda Antonela Perić
239 We got a – “bibliocontainer”! fra Ivica Perić
240 New home for our teachers Nikolina Radić Ančić
241 Two-week training course for tailoring teachers Nikolina Radić Ančić
242 Our Lady of Kibeho fra Ivica Perić
243 A gift for Kivumu Valerie Kae Ken
244 Theogene Theogene Kubwimana
245 Marcelina - How the movie story turned into reality! fra Ivica Perić
246 It was as Smoky as in Zenica’s Steelworks! fra Ivica Perić
247 Mathias Mathias Ngezahayo
248 The Journey of my Vocation with the Friars fra Kizito Ngomanzungu
249 The beginning of the Second Term fra Ivica Perić
250 For Easter Vigil We Received Eight Hoes! fra Ivica Perić
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