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My Trip to Uganda
Friday, 07 March 2014 Written by Adolphe Iyakaremye

My Trip to UgandaAt the end of this past, year fra Ivica took me with him for a trip to Uganda to see how people live there and to see their customs.

Fra Ivica was attending a gathering of his former protégées, whom he helped during their education. I have to admit it was all very impressive. And all those young people, thanks to the education they gained, nowadays have a job and are very well off and respected members of society.

It was a very useful experience, one which I wish I could pass on to all the people of Kivumu village, especially to the children, so that they could understand the importance of education, and how far they can get if they study and work hard. They have been given a chance, because the Franciscan friars and other good people have made this education available to them.

And Uganda... I was pleasantly surprised by all I saw there: the landscape, the people, the food, the drinks... it is all very different from what we have here in Rwanda. And that’s why it was so interesting to me.

The people of Uganda – it seemed to me – laugh and talk to each other a lot more. If I get the chance, I would like to go back there and stay a bit longer to study and get to know their culture better.

First I wondered: Why are the people in Uganda so much happier and more cheerful than us? What’s their secret? And then, even though I only stayed there for a very short time, they managed to teach me that there was no special secret... that instead all I needed to do was smile, be happy with all that surrounds me, and also that I need to try to make the people around me happier and to cheer them up. Well, it wasn’t so hard! All it took was a bit of good will. And everything in my world suddenly became nicer and more cheerful!

I am extremely happy and satisfied, because on that short trip to Uganda I learned a lot about life, happiness and pleasure, and I will hopefully try to pass what I learned on to my family and friends!

Translated by Branimir Mlakić
Edited by Valerie Kae Ken

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