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Assisting teachers in preparing curriculum
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 Written by Andre & Mireille Lapierre
Mireille & Rosaline Lapierre Mireille & Rosaline Lapierre Andre & Rosaline Lapierre Andre, Rosaline & Mireille Lapierre Andre & Rosaline Lapierre

On 15th of January 2011, we flew for a second time to Kigali from Chembery France. After six years, when we were last at Kivumu, again our friend fra Ivica welcomed us with great joy. We really enjoy a good friendship with the Franciscans at Kivumu, with the teachers and students from the school and with quite a number of the Rwandan families.

Fra Ivica invited us to Kivumu to help him at his school in the three new sections which were opened last year (Electricity, Welding and Plumbing). When we arrived at Kivumu, we worked with the teachers, helping them to prepare and organize their lessons plans, clarifying areas where they did not understand so that their students will benefit from a good quality of training.

For certain, language was the biggest obstacle - most of them speak only Kinyarwanda, and the translation from English and French into that language is not easy, especially the technical terms. After few days, everybody became accustomed to each other, and teachers felt free enough to ask advice on how to present their lessons...

we are surprised by the way the teachers enjoy their work, even when they do not have a lot of teaching experience - especially methodology. However, this is not a big deal - these three new sections at the school, given time and assistance, will improve. We are very happy that we were able to help them so much. We believe that from our first visit to this, our second, the country has certainly developed and progressed; the people appear much more active and the homes have been improved.

We are grateful to the Franciscan community for the way they welcomed us; how they helped us to meet with our sister Roseline who is in Mbarara, Uganda and for the way they cared for us during our two month stay with them. We are also thankful to Oswaldi and Ildephonse for their preparation of such delicious food, to Pierre, the night watch man, because of whom we were able to sleep, safe and secure, to Blandine and Hermman and to all those who helped us to have a such great time in Kivumu.

We will never forget you!

Father Vjeko Center

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