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Speech for the blessing of 'St. Francis School'
Saturday, 11 May 2013 Written by fra Ivica Perić

fra Ivica PerićOnce again we have proof that anything is possible when people join forces, unite their hands with even the smallest amount of goodwill. We all have to follow our dreams, and if there is will, the dreams will come true in all sorts of ways, just like God’s gifts are different.

We Franciscans live with you and work for you with the goal of helping you create an better and easier future for yourself. Our results are becoming more and more visible. We have done a lot for the good of you and your Rwanda. But none of that would be possible without your support and the donations from our friends - good people from all around the world.

In just the last several years we have built twelve classrooms for the Primary School, we have been successfully running Padri Vjeko VTC which helps hundreds of Rwandan youth, and a large number of our former students have managed to find employment.

We have built a biogas plant, nine water tanks; we have built houses for the poorest inhabitants of Kivumu and houses for our teachers. In addition to that, we have helped a large number of children who continued their education in secondary schools throughout Rwanda.

We have embarked on another big project, and that is the construction of this school. Today we are here to bless this building and thank all those who helped us to build it.

It wouldn’t have been possible to make this building without the help of our friends – a large number of Croats, Belgian Franciscans, and fra Hubert from Germany. I would especially like to thank the teachers and students of Padri Vjeko Center, who contributed the greatest effort in the construction works, and among them especially the second-year builders. I also thank our contractors from the Kabgayi Diocese.

However, this blessing does not mean the end of construction works. We have only finished the first phase. We have done a lot and, God willing, we will continue with the construction according to plan, because our mission is to do good deeds.

Unfortunately, I have to mention something else, too. And that is that some people, in spite of everything we did for the good of the people of Rwanda, have taken our land by force. We have extensively written about it to the officials, we have notified the authorities, but no one has taken any measures so far. However, that will not discourage us. We hope it will be resolved eventually. We bravely continue to work on projects which will bring you a better quality of life.

Translated by Branimir Mlakić
Edited by Valerie Kae Ken

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