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Easter with bananas and beans
Monday, 31 March 2008 Written by fra Ivica Perić

happy easterThe biggest Christian holiday Easter in Parish of Kivumu was celebrated very modest. Poverty is the reason why Easter did not look much more different than other days. In neighbouring country of Uganda for Christmas and Easter it is “obligation” to buy new clothes and shoes. On the table has to be meat and other “good food”. In Kivumu very few families can afford that. The people do not have work but if someone find a job to dig in the fields he/she gets less than a dollar for a day. Who finds a job like that is happy that he/she can have at least some money and make a better feast for Easter.

Here, colouring of the eggs does not exist. Again, the Easter is a bit different than ordinary days. The Christians in front of their houses are putting banana trees, what is the sign that they are celebrating Easter. Family is getting together for a solemn lunch. They are eating what they find in their garden. Usually it would be sweat potatoes, beans, greens, matoke (boiled bananas) and bread is consider like a cake.

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