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Wednesday, 27 February 2008 Written by Administrator

building sectionWe learn different types of building designs in school and in work shops after being admitted in CFJ. However, these buildings don’t last for long because after lessons and work shops, we destroy them so that we can get a place for the next lesson. What makes us happy is that we can make buildings that can last for so long and are so important to our families, like building classrooms for primary schools, building water tanks, repairing chapels, work together with others in reparation work for the church, and we do all this work with joy because its is very important and useful to us. We contribute a lot to the development of our area, we also get a lot of profits from our work, and we get experience which is very important in hand works.

We are very happy because we nearly finish not with empty hands, we get enough knowledge and techniques from different works that we do, and we believe that all this will help us to support our selves, our families and our communities. Thanks a lot Centre Vjeko. But we can’t forget to ask something from:

  • Youth
    come at CV, the doors are open for everyone; you will get knowledge and techniques on Building, Carpentry and Tailoring depending on your choice.
  • Students
    you have many opportunities that you should utilise for example up to date equipments, time for learning, enough teachers who are experienced and ready to help you.
  • Staff members
    continue with helping the youth so that they can use their power to fight against poverty and bring about sustainable development.

Thanks a lot. 

Father Vjeko Center

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