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Pizza Robertone
Wednesday, 23 April 2008 Written by Robert Andrija Skejić

Pizza RobertoneIn Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, there is a restaurant called Papyrus in which you can eat Pizza Robertone. This pizza was named after me because my name is Robert or Robertone in its Italian version. I will tell you how it got my name. I am Robert Skejic, a Croat by nationality, who travelled on the motorbike from Croatia up to Cape of Good Hope. If you are interested you can see my website: On my way to Cape of Good Hope I did arrive to Rwanda where I planned to stay for two weeks. However without any plan I stayed in Rwanda for six months. When I arrived in Kigali I had the address of Fr. Sebastian Markovic, also a Croat by nationality who is working in Kigali. When I arrived I was told that he was not at home and I was given his phone number. Then I went to the public phone where I was told that they do not accept US dollars but Rwandan francs.

PapyrusNot far from the place I had seen a white man talking on the cell phone in Italian. I approached him and asked if he could let me use his phone and pay in dollars. After finishing my conversation with Fr. Sebastian he insisted that I should not pay and he instead invited me in his restaurant and offered me a drink. This was the owner of the restaurant called Papyrus. We became good friends and I stayed in his place as long as I was in Kigali. We used to go around the city visiting different restaurants and bars. I think I had made a good impression on him.

A party time in PapyrusSix months after my departure I got a message from Fr. Sebastian that there is pizza called Robert in this man’s restaurant. According to the last information I received this friend of mine married a Rwandan woman with whom he has a son called Michelangelo. He sold a part of the restaurant and left for Mozambique to start a new restaurant Papyrus over there. I hope to meet him in future and I wish him all the best in the new place.

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