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Caring for youth means much for development
Monday, 29 October 2007 Written by Immaculate Iyambaje

young tailorsIn our school we have 167 students in first and second year. 56 of these are study in the building section and the others study carpentry and tailoring. We are experiencing the joy of knowing that technical education and education in general is important to our students. They gave us real pleasure recently when those in the construction section built three rooms in a primary school in the parish. Two of these were meant as classrooms and the other one was to be used as an office for the headmistress. It was great to see our students putting the skills they had learnt into practice. They more or less demonstrated that education is a key principle of development.

The Kivumu primary school is among three primary schools of the parish, and that school had a major problem in that it did not have space for the number of students. It may seem like a small achievement but when our students who had done the construction had finished their work they looked and said “today these rooms are for our brothers and sisters, tomorrow they will be for our children and grandchildren and we have made a contribution”. Is this not what one of our great leaders said once about true development - the people will look on and see the good work that has been done and will say "we did it ourselves".

Father Vjeko Center

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