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I'm going to Rwanda
Monday, 26 July 2010 Written by Antonela Perić

If you think that an eleven-year-old girl wouldn’t dare to travel to Rwanda, you are so wrong! My name is Antonela Peric, and fra Ivica Peric, the missionary in Rwanda, is my uncle. He recently invited me to come to visit him. And I took the chance with open arms! A few days before leaving, I was vaccinated against yellow fever, a mean African disease. And finally the day came when I was supposed to start my trip. My Dad and my cousin saw me off.

I went to Africa with fra Branimir and fra Matija. We flew from Sarajevo to Istanbul. It was my first time flying in an airplane. The most exciting part is when the plane takes off and glues you to your seat.

Antonela PerićAntonela in Rwanda

From Istanbul we arrived in Nairobi, and we waited 5 hours for our flight to Kigali. At 6 AM we finally took off for Kigali. At the airport a friend of my uncle, Sebastijan, a.k.a. Sebo, picked us up. We arrived in Kivumu around noon, local time. That is my trip to Africa in short.

To be continued…

Translated by: fra Branimir Mlakić
Edited by: Valerie K. Ken

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