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Return to Africa
Saturday, 28 November 2009 Written by Nikola Babić

Nikola BabićAfter two full years I’m back in Rwanda, again in Kigali, and most importantly, back in Kivumu! It was nice to spend some time in Kenya with Friar Miro and Friar Juro and to visit Subukia and Nairobi.  However, It was only when I boarded the plane for Kigali that it became clear to me – I was going back home!….. Perhaps the fourteen months I spent as a volunteer in the land of eternal spring and a thousand hills is not a long period, but my heart says otherwise – and so do the many friends who recognise me immediately, and greet me as if I had never left. So many things are familiar to me ---  faces, names, places, roads...

I simply came, relaxed, and once again spent time with these I people I have come to know as friends. This time in Rwanda was for a much shorter period – just a vacation, but what a vacation! And what a wonderful birthday party I had -- with African drums, songs and dancing! My heartfelt thanks to Friar Ivica for inviting me, and I thank the dear Lord for allowing our paths to cross once again. This may be my most beautiful, but by no means my last vacation in Africa!

Translated by: Bitno hr
Edited by: Valerie K. K.

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