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Thursday, 19 February 2009 Written by Valens Habinshuti

Habinshuti ValensI am Habinshuti Valens. I am 19 year old and I am from the Cyeza Sector. After my primary education I found myself among those students who passed national exams at Ordinary Level. It was not possible for me to pursue my Secondary education since my family is poor and was not able to pay for my education at a private school.  Therefore I stayed at home to cultivate our land which is very small indeed. At this time, some of my neighbours went to study at the Vjeko Centre every morning and after classes they would stop by my home to talk to me about my future.

They said that if I cared about my future, that I should go and either learn carpentry or building or tailoring at the Vjeko Centre. They told me that they had good quality of education with very low School fees and that they cared about poor young people.

They explained that after the first year of training that they didn’t need to ask their parents for any more contribution to the school fees asked for by the school. During the holidays they got jobs in our village like repairing the house, making chairs etc…… I didn’t fully understand the situation and I took them to be liars. But in the end I realised that they were telling the truth. Once they finished School they got jobs and are now among the richest people in our village. They are the ones who can buy land; cattle, good clothes, mobile phones and even pay school fees for their sisters and brothers…. After that I decided to attend the school and learn Building.

I arrived at school on 12/01/2009.  I was surprised to see a very well organised school equipped with all kinds of different tools etc…  After a period of observation at the Vjeko Centre I did indeed see that I had many opportunities in front of me, and, so I am ready to make good use of it.  Dear fellow students the Centre de Formation Père Vjeko is ready to help us to prepare our future.

I am very sure that during these 2 years while I am in the School the history of my life will change.

My thanks to all staff members of Centre de Formation Père Vjeko and to all people who care about our future life. We are ready to develop our Country.

Father Vjeko Center

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