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Into the New Trimester with Plenty of Novelty in the School
Monday, 22 August 2011 Written by fra Ivica Perić

Tables for ComputersAfter a short break, the children are returning to classrooms. They enjoyed a little pause between trimesters. Now, with the start of the final trimester of this school year, the students of our ‘Padri Vjeko’ Center were in for a number of surprises.

While they were enjoying their vacation, we were working to make their school even better and more modern. To accomplish this we were helped by our volunteers from Canada and Germany, as well as candidates for the priesthood from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The classes, therefore, began in a completely new fashion. The students were amazed with all the changes they were greeted with. For the carpenters’ and welders’ sections we made new, high-quality work-benches. Everyone was so thrilled with them. I just smiled when I heard a comment coming from the mouth of one of the students. He told me: "The desks are so beautiful that I cannot believe we will be allowed to use them. I thought that work-benches as fine as these can only be used by some important CEO!“

With the help of volunteers and seminarians, we completely reorganized our school library. It was a gigantic endeavour, because - let me remind you - the library contains 10,936 different books. All books were once again rearranged, and the shelves were laid out in a completely new way. Now it’s much clearer and more organized.

There’s another novelty that students were especially excited about... the Computer Classroom. It too was furnished with new desks for computers. Inside the container that we received last year with donations from Canada were a total of 17 new computers. Therefore, we had to rearrange the desks in order to make use of all the computers in just one small room. And we succeeded! So we now also have a functional computer room. I believe it is very important for children today to learn the basics of working on a computer. Because, you see, it’s their future, too.

Once again, I want to thank all the good people who keep helping us with their donations, as well as all the volunteers, because they dedicate their free time to assist us. Without all those wonderful people, all our work, progress, and modernization would be so much slower, and in some situations even impossible. I’m endlessly thankful to them for all that they do for us!

Translated by: Branimir Mlakić
Edited by: Valerie Kae Ken

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