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New academicall year 2009
Thursday, 29 January 2009 Written by Administrator

new academicall year 2009Dear Friends of Centre de Formation Padri Vjeko we wish you a Happy New Year 2009 and we wish a great collaboration with you. On 12/01/2009 we started the academic year of 2009. The students who were in first year last year, 2008, were present that day ready to start the second year. Many people from different parts of Rwanda accompanied by their guardians, relatives or parents with many expectations from the school, came to start their first training at the school. Teachers and others workers came from the holiday’s ready to do their duties as asked by the schools and the students as well, all of them have been present.

new academicall year 2009For sure every body was happy, smiling and having different ideas that leads to the development of our school. Everyone was able to co operate with others, to give a chance to every body to exercise what he/she knows, much better. The school is developing in an interesting way and it is more and more known in Rwanda and outside because of results and the way people who finished in our school take care of themselves, and how they did their duties at their place of work.

We started this year with 224 students ( 29 in first year carpentry, 27 in the second year, 38 in first year tailoring, 36 in the second year, 52 in first year building and 42 in the second year)  this is to say that  there is an increasing  number of the students in School if we compare with the last year. Even there is an increasing number each year but it does not mean that we are able to take all people who applied, like this year more than 200 applied but we have been able to take 119, only. This year we have different categories of students: Orphans, those who have poor families, different levels of education so this is a challenge and a baggage to our school. It will help us to achieve our goals of helping people to help them selves and it is not easy to manage all those groups but for us is different story, helping everyone is caring about the others.

So we hope that more creativity and innovation will be observable in our school during this academic year. Our dear friends, your ideas, suggestion, support are welcome so that we can achieve our goals in this year. Thanks a lot!

The students of the Second year. (Carpentry section)

Father Vjeko Center

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