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Aminah from Uganda
Friday, 05 December 2008 Written by Aminah Nanyonga

Aminah NanyongaI am Nanyonga Aminah from Uganda. I am Ugandan and I studied at St. Francis tailoring school in Nyamitanga at Mbarara, Uganda. Immediately after finishing my studies in 2004 I came to work here in Rwanda at a school called CFJ. It was in 2005 that I was sent by Mary Moran, Director of St Francis tailoring school. At that time the Tailoring Section had only one teacher. As soon as I came, we started working together and to develop the Tailoring Section and even we divided the Tailoring Section into (two) years: I and II. We also developed the system of using timetables and programs for the tailoring course with the help of Father Ivica and the teachers from St Francis Nyamitanga.

In 2006, we got three other teachers to help us in the Tailoring Section, two of whom Rwandese and the other, Ugandan. The two Rwandese were trained in Uganda in St Francis tailoring school with help of Father Ivica.  Before my coming, we had 40 students in Tailoring Section (22 in year I and 18 in Year II). We start to give the certificates and the number has increased. We are thankful to people from other countries who are helping us to develop our School especially a Canadian woman called Valerie Kae Ken. This woman has developed our School, especially the Tailoring Section by giving us ideas concerning the latest fashions in commercial patterns and making better programs to follow in tailoring section.

In the Tailoring Section we also teach different subjects like pattern-cutting, commercial patterning and alteration, colour design, and patch work that is, making bedcover and different designs. The students have enough machines and sufficient tools too at their disposal. They also have electric machines but the school does not have the use of electricity and have to rely on a generator for various designs.

The School is now developing. We now have 66 students in tailoring program and the School has three sections: Tailoring, Carpentry and a Building Section. All Students are able to study subjects like Maths, French and Religion. The Teachers also have to change their syllabus or programme every term so that students can learn many more different things before they get a certificate. This also helps Teachers to know more and get more experience in teaching. Teachers get recycled from people coming from outside of Rwanda and this has improved the quality of teaching. We wish to have more help from those who are willing to help us.

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