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Teachers help us a lot
Friday, 20 June 2008 Written by Prosper Nyandwi

Nyandwi ProsperI am Nyandwi Prosper, a student at Centre de Formation Père Vjeko the 1st Year Carpentry. Before my studies at CFJ Padiri Vjeko, I used to dig, to help my family doing some house work. I did all these in the morning and afternoon, and I went at the small town which is in our village and came back home during the night. One time I sat and thought about my future life, and I found out that all kind of my works they will not help me to make my own life and survive. So I found one salutation, that is, to come at CFJ at least to learn something important which will help me to improve my life. That is how so I decided to came here at Father Vjeko's Center.

Since when I reached at school my situation is very good. As I learn carpentry, our teachers help us so much. I meet many fellows, and we are able to discus different topics which are helpful for us as youth. Our life at school is very good, we can not miss a good lunch, we have, time for sports, we pray to our God, so we have many activities. For me I saw that all these will help us after completing our formation in this school. I am lady, at my level, to give my contribution in building my in which I born and live.

God bless you all.

Father Vjeko Center

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