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Building a house for the HIV/AIDS patients
Wednesday, 16 April 2008 Written by Maja Sajler Garmaz

house buildingNext to the convent of the Franciscan sisters at Kivumu Parish the students of the CFJ Padri Vjeko are building a house for the people infected by AIDS. The house will be run by the sisters. This project has been sponsored by the donors from Italy, who have donated 10000 €. The reason for involving CFJ trainees is an effort to reduce the cost since the money is not enough. At the same time, we strive to give students a good opportunity for enough practice in their respective fields of studies. The house will have a hall for meetings, dining room, store room and a kitchen. The meeting hall is going to be used for meetings which will empower those affected and infected for a better understanding of this kind of sickness and how to avoid spreading it. The dining room will serve 60 people on daily basis. Good food and balanced diet help a lot to fight this terrible sickness.

In the parish there is also a dispensary which is run by the sisters.  The services provided include free test for HIV/AIDS after preparation and counselling (VCT). This is important because people do not understand much about the pandemic. In the Parish, small as it is, the number of the infected people is alarming. According to the new Law of marriage in Rwanda, the people who intend to get married must go for HIV/AIDS test before. In case one tests positive the marriage cannot take place unless the other partner consents to it.

Father Vjeko Center

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