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Tailoring section
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 Written by Administrator

tailoring sectionWe tailors of Father Vjeko Centre, we start our course at the beginning of each year and we are welcomed well, better than the way we expect. Various things are making our studies successful. Enough materials, equipments to use like machines and the other equipments. Every student is able to use his/her machine. Enough teachers who are able to follow us up during our studies especially in practical part of studies. Electrical machines were also brought in the school, we are able to learn how to use them and as per now we students of year two, we are able to sew using electrical machines and this puts us in mood to study hard so that we can reach in year 2 and use the electrical machines. After the 2 years of our course we are able to go home with our files full of our samples which help us in our fields. We don’t only study tailoring but also French, English Kinyarwanda and Maths. We were happy to find out that all types of sexes are able to learn in the same school, share same class and do same things.

When we reach in year 2 we are able to learn even pattern cutting, which is not common in many tailoring schools, use of commercial pattern from outside our country. Well arranged time table which we follow during our studies and even this timetable is well followed by our teachers. The school also has a programme to follow. According to the things we study, things we get, the money we pay is little compared to what we benefit from the school. Competition between us students which encourages us to work hard so that we are not left behind our fellows students. Good relationship between students and teachers. As students, we are able to bring our problems to our teachers and they help us where possible. We even go for sports while at school like volleyball, basketball, football, etc. Our school is very clean, has enough classrooms and we are the ones who contribute a lot to making it clean. The school welcomes every body including students of other religions like Pentecostals, Adventists and many more are all welcome to study from the same school. We are happy because we are given certificates at the end of second year of our course and this helps us to use these certificates to look for jobs. More to that, the first students are given prizes.

During our leisure time like lunch time, we watch films and these films are connected to the things that we study. The school has its Sunday mass 2 week of the month and it is led by our Director while us students we lead the singing. The school allows us to go out for sewing experience in year 2 and make comparison with what we study, get used to people (follow tailors) and get any other experience. We even get well prepared food which gives us power to be able to concentrate in our studies as it is normally said that an empty sack cannot stand.

We thank our teachers and our Director for the work they are doing, may God give them more blessings in every thing and may he help the school and people supporting it to keep on that wonderful work they are doing for us so that Centre Vjeko School can develop more than it is now.

Father Vjeko Center

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