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10 years later
Thursday, 31 January 2008 Written by Administrator

father Vjeko Curic31st of January 1998., under unknown circumstances, father Vjeko Curic has been assassinated in the center of Kigali. He was rwandan Oscar Schindler. He saved thousands human lives in the war storm in 1994. in Rwanda. Today, 10 years after, his star on the sky is still one of the brightest. With pride and joy we remember father Vjeko. Today, on 10th anniversary of death of father Vjeko it will be ceremony in Center "Father Vjeko". Story about father Vjeko's childhood will be published on our website in two parts. 1st part on 5th of February and 2nd part on 12th of February. Story and photos from today's ceremony will be published soon.

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Father Vjeko Center

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