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Carpentry section
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 Written by Administrator

carpentry sectionCarpentry is one of the three sections found in this school called CFJ Padri Vjeko. From this section we learn how to make different things from wood, but it’s not very easy for a student to know them quickly. That is the reason why we study for two years, so that after that we can produce good things. We do the above mentioned with the help of our teachers who are always near us and help us to know from zero to the knowledge where someone can do something for us and our society. Without forgetting the director of the school who provide equipments to use who is called Ivica which really contributes much to our studies. In first year, we start by learning very easy things like wood joinery and other exercise. We end the year by doing very small, small projects like tables, chairs, beds, doors, windows, etc. These encourage us to study harder and go to the 2nd year for more knowledge.

carpentry sectionWe students of the second year can make different equipments for a house, kitchen, etc. Among those, we study the following: roofing, sealing, how to make cupboards, desks, shelf’s, beds, etc. For getting more experience each student has to do one month of experience in different workshops outside of the school.  There we learn a lot. It helps us to be more ready for our future life. We get good reports from them. They are always happy with us. Especially, they are amazed by our work and surprised how many things we do know. There we work like the carpenters not like the students. We have got a good training at school and that is reason why we know all these things.

So for this we can say to the CFJ Padri Vjeko this: Congratulation for your good programmes, for teaching practical work, providing to your students enough and good equipments, all types of machines etc. We are very happy to get certificate from this school and so we are also happy to go to contribute a lot in our society.

Thanks a lot.

Students from carpentry section.

Father Vjeko Center

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