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Container painting
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 Written by fra Ivica Perić

Container painting

After our ‘Tin Man’ had been completely redesigned, got its roof covering, and was divided into three separate parts with three new doors complete with windows, these days it – again thanks to our friends from Canada – underwent another transformation.

From a visually non-descript, plain white container, it became a coloured beauty. You should have seen the great number of people who came to see it from Kivumu village...

But what really happened?

Thanks to our dear Valerie Kae Ken, who also organized the transportation of the container packed with gifts from Canada in the first place, this time, her sister, Beverley, an artist, came to us in Kivumu. Her mission was to paint the container and make it attractive, so that the children would wish to know what’s inside. And when they do take a peek inside the ‘Tin Man’ and the library that awaits them, then they will also probably borrow a book or two... And read it!

Beverley really gave her best. For the full three weeks she painted the outside wall of our ‘Tin Man’. You just have a look at the pictures, they speak more than plain words!

Container paintingContainer painting

It was her husband, Garry, who personally donated the cost of the paint for the mural she painted.  We thank him with hopes that one day he will also come to Rwanda.

With her art, to which she added the flags of Rwanda and Canada, she brought typical Canadian scenes, especially Alberta, closer to the Kivumu children.

We were especially impressed with her approach to work. Beverley worked so hard decorating the ‘Tin Man’ that – unfortunately – there was no time left for her to take a stroll through the village; go to Kigali; to get an idea of how people live in this part of the world... She travelled so many miles from Canada, and then she just worked for the full three weeks. We hope that Beverley will one day return to Kivumu, and that we will then have a chance to show her the beauty of this land, that she will get a chance to meet our wonderful children and just take it easy and enjoy herself, because she deserves it!

Translated by: fra Branimir Mlakić
Edited by: Valerie Kae Ken

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