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Restoration of the church
Monday, 20 August 2007 Written by fra Ivica Perić

restorated kivumu churchJust recently we finished a major restoration of the church that Father Vjeko built in 1989. In the beginning the Church had been covered with asbestos board and built on one side (as it possible to se it on the web-side). It had 6 pillars and heavy eucalyptus rafters. Its front wall was lower than the back one and it had a semi circular shape. But time did its work and it needed restoration. To carry out this restoration we received donations from Belgian Franciscans and we thank them for that. The walls have been brought to the same level and straightened. We changed the roof completely and instead of asbestos boards we put corrugated iron sheets.

In the Church we now have just one metal pillar. Roof construction is fully metal now and the shape of the interior reminds one of the interior of a large tent. The Church can hold around 1200 people for any celebration. The simplicity of its style makes it look exactly as I like it—beautiful, quiet, dignified and this view is has been expressed by many people who have visited it.

inside the church of Kivumu

Father Vjeko Center

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