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ACE in Canada Preparing English Programs for Kivumu Teachers
Thursday, 16 September 2010 Written by Jayne Carlielle

Advance Consulting for Education, INC (ACE), Canada’s largest provider of English language (ESL, EFL) teacher training programs, is developing two short, intensive programs for teachers in Kivumu. The programs will be delivered at Father Vjeko School by two experienced Canadian English teachers beginning in late December. ACE has training programs in eight locations across Canada, and has provided teacher training to groups of teachers from Canada, Colombia, South Korea and China, and to individual teachers from all over the world. ACE is interested in using its’ expertise and resources to build English language teaching capacity in developing countries.

For the past four months Dianne Tyers’ (ACE President) and staff members, Amanda and Elisa, in Ontario, Canada, have been busily preparing training materials, schedules and organizing the two teachers who will work at Father Vjeko School. It is the first time ACE has offered training in Africa and they are adapting the resources especially for the teachers of Kivumu. Everyone is very excited about this project and its potential to enhance English language training for students in the Kivumu area.


Dianne Tyers - president
„I have really enjoyed putting together teaching ideas, activities and materials that the teachers in Kivumu might be able to use. Every different place that we go into to work with teachers we learn something new about teaching and learning. When teachers from different countries get together to talk about teaching and learning, lots of fun happens! I am looking forward to hearing back from Jayne and Cherie about their experiences with the teachers in Kivumu!“


„Over the last few weeks I have been working on the travel logistics as well as communicating with the traveling trainers about project details. It has been fun seeing the project take shape and I am looking forward to its continued development.“


„I've had a great time working on this project. Adapting the course materials for a Rwandan context has given me the opportunity to really broaden my understanding of the history, people and culture.“

For more information about ACE go to:

Father Vjeko Center

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