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Africa's richness
Thursday, 18 February 2010 Written by Ivančica Borić

Africa is an interesting continent, full of magic and mysterious people. Africa has its difficulties as well, but they are not as serious as Westerners like to think because the values there are different. These difficulties cannot be evaluated on the basis of money. Nor can success be measured only on the basis of money. There are many good things which cannot be bought. Money is not everything. If money was everything, the only difficulties people would have would be those connected with money.

Ivančica borić with african kidslocal population

Here lies the paradox that Africans carry with them – they have peace and harmony regardless of the lack of money, or because of it. Their life is good, because their values with which they measure it are different. Therefore we shall study these values which give us the right to happiness, the right to laughter … this is a universal language. If we have these values, it will not matter if we have money, husband, or job. These are the values for which we ourselves are responsible in our life.

It is interesting to hear a story about Africa told in a different way. When we speak about happiness and satisfaction, let us do it in a different way. It is wrong to talk about Africa as the continent of conflicts. There is great richness in Africa. The people of Africa are emotionally rich. Their laughter is sincere and deep, their lives are intense, depression is not part of their everyday life. This is richness.

refugee settlement - the tents of nylon and plastic

In a particular society it is important to have a lot of money and good social life, whereas in some other communities they have good social life although they have no money. The societies that have money lack pleasure. They are not happy. They surely have no happiness. I wonder who is poor and who rich? This depends on what we look for in our life.

Personally, I choose happiness and the possibility to wake up in my home, with freedom and grace that takes no notice of the difficulties of the everyday life.

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