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Written by fra Ivica Perić

DispensaryThe dispensary which is part of the projects Padri Vjeko worked for is run by our Franciscan sisters. It is quite involving since they have a lot of patients from time and again.

Nutritional Section: Deals with children that are malnourished because of underfeeding.

Mother with children

Maternity section: Helps mothers have safe delivery of their babies.

Out Patient Section: deals with minor diseases that can be treated and the patients go back although some times they have to be admitted depending on the nature of the disease.

Due to poor feeding habits, the diseases strike quite often. Because of high rainfall through out the year, Malaria has been a common disease. This is why it was necessary to start a dispensary. Drugs are very important here and are like gold. The dispensary is always busy and its maintenance is very important.

We must always have some food stuffs in our stores because hard times are usually there since the land is very unproductive and diseases are many.


Food stuffs in our stores.

Assisting with food

When the things are difficult as it is usually we must assist them with food.

A child is weighed

A child is weighed at the nutritional place.

Mother and child

Slowly they heal and get better.

Father Vjeko Center

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