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Our involvement with the people in the Parish
Written by fra Ivica Perić

We work with the youths

Extra curriculum activities are important especially for the youths who seek physical and mental growth. These activities unite them with one another and it is a time to relax especially after the war. Praying and playing together helps them to grow.


Most men perished in war and this means that so many women are left by themselves-widows who have to fend for the children they are left behind with. It is a pity that the women must undergo this trauma. Apart from loosing their loved husbands, they have to carry the cross of keeping the family amidst the poverty which has stricken the country especially after war.


In families where all the parents perished in war, the children were left by themselves. In this case they have to fend for themselves. As friars we also give a hand depending on the well wishers who give help through us. We currently have over 57 children in boarding schools around the country of which 70% of them are orphans while the rest come from one-parent family.

AIDS Patients

The Franciscan Nuns who work close with us in the parish do a lot of work with the affected patients. A lot of care is needed especially with proper medication – for example the retroviral etc. Medicine is quite expensive here in Africa because it is in high demand and so many are sick. Companies that make drugs may take advantage at this to make fortunes from the people and the rich who deal in drugs. Through benefactors we do help a little bit. We also have awareness courses with the youths. We have trained youths who visit villages, outstations and groups training people how to handle issues of Aids and how to prevent it.

We work with small Christian Communities

As a parish we prefer and recommend the Small Christian Community method-it works for us. In these groups people learn to help one another. It is actually referred to as Church in the neighborhood where people pray and work together. In this case we put a lot of effort to see that these structures function and are fruitful to them.

We work with families

Family is the place where one grows, if it is not a good one then children may be bad people in the society. We nature families in our parish. We try to help in whatever way we can always. Some times counseling is required and the friars have to sit down for hours listening to them. It is essential here and we can’t avoid it.

Father Vjeko Center

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