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Kivumu as a Parish
Written by fra Ivica Perić

The main Parish Church

Kivumu Parish is relatively a small with about 60km2 with Christian Population 30,000 within its borders. The area is overpopulated especially if everybody has to live his/her own garden. An estimate of 40-50% of the population can not afford to provide daily meals to their families.

Kivumu Parish is made up of small scale farmers who try to meet their daily needs through agriculture. However, since the country is hilly, the ridges or the terraces used as farming fields are poor.

Most of the rich soils have been washed down the valleys. Thus, only few lucky people have gardens in the valleys and have something small to meet their basic needs. Therefore through out the year life becomes with hunger looming a cross this place. New ways (modern farming) may help to improve People’s life style.

Pastoral work in Kivumu

Currently there are five friars working with the people in Kivumu. Friars Ivica Peric - Guardian (Bosnia), Juvenal - Parish Priest - (Rwanda), Innocent - Vicar - (Rwanda), Mathias - Curate - (Uganda), and Fredrick (Kenya).

As Franciscans, we live a community life based on prayer and service to the people around us.

Father Vjeko Center

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